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2nd birthday menu - 30 years of Skoda Austria

2nd birthday menu – 30 years of Skoda Austria

In the early 1990s, pickups were rarely seen on European roads. With the decision that Felicia’s family with the truck However, Skoda helped expand this to a practical flatbed truck The automotive sector has become more and more popular in the following years close.

In March 1995 she debuted with Skoda Felicia Fun Another version of the pick-up. The hit yellow livery From this model and the unmistakable suffix of the name it becomes clear at first glance what Skoda attached such special importance to this car: it was intended to be Companion in free time Above all have fun. A practical feature awaits its owners inside: with just a few movements From two to four seats. A total of 4016 models were created up to August 2000, which today are both sought after and in demand by youngtimer enthusiasts.

With the model name Felicia one partners Especially attractive and elegantly designed carswhich, in addition to the brand’s high level of everyday use, inspired early people to design it. Hearing the name of this model, fans of the brand immediately think of the legendary roadster, which became a symbol of the dream small sports car between 1959 and 1964, and thus became an icon in the history of the brand.

Škoda has always surprised its customers with smart ideas. Practical features are carefully installed in the car and are intended to make driving as well as experience Smart and friendly every day Design as much as possible. Husband smart details We summarize it for you:

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Umbrella in the driver’s door (storage compartment) – always have an umbrella handy in case you get caught in the rain. Since the cabin is waterproof, a wet umbrella can also be stored in it. Water is drained from the canopy to the outside.

ice scraper
The ice scraper in the tank cap is always ready before you go in and you don’t have to look for it first. The two lower corners of the snow scraper are a built-in tire depth of 2mm.

parking ticket holder
The ticket holder is attached to the windshield on the driver’s side. The parking violation is always visible. It is a constant part of every ŠKODA model!

water washing funnel
Built-in foldable funnel makes it easy to fill the wash water tank. The windshield washer tank has an innovative cover. Simply clever, this converts to a funnel in just one motion and allows easy and efficient filling of washer fluid.

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Christmas list number two

To the 30th Anniversary A proper culinary accompaniment should not be missing. also the second Christmas menu Škoda consists of typical Czech dishes with great tradition, specially prepared for Christmas new interpreted will. The starter this time is buffalo mozzarella and pork with grilled peaches. The first dish is duck breast, served with Savoy cabbage and peaches. Then there’s the pork belly with soft fennel greens and peaches, served with BBQ sauce. The menu ends with a delicious creme brulee with slivered plums.

Here are the recipes

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Learn more about Simply Smart Features from Škoda under Skoda.

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