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Anno 1800: Ubisoft brings construction games to consoles for the first time



Ubisoft brings construction games to consoles for the first time

The Anno 1800 makes a quantum leap to keyboards. This is really a first, because it has never happened before in Anno’s 25-year history. Although the building game, which was released in 2019, is constantly being developed and expanded and thus remains very popular, this is an unprecedented move for Blue Byte. To date, the Anno brand has been designed specifically for computers.

So transportation should have been more difficult, Developers report. Not only was there a lot to think about, but some things also had to be redesigned. In particular, the basic create menu has undergone changes in the console version and will be implemented as a radial menu so that it remains easy to use with a gamepad. Due to the greater distance between the players and the screen, the area map has been enlarged, and some items have been moved to other parts of the screen. Added to this is the function of automatically building roads around the building blocks. Co-op and multiplayer mode are preserved.

The game will appear in two different versions, on the one hand the standard edition for 40 euros and on the other hand the deluxe edition for 50 euros. The Standard Edition contains only the base game itself, the Deluxe Edition contains some cosmetic additions. On the other hand, Ubisoft does not include previously released DLCs for PC, as well as content extensions.

Both versions of the Anno 1800 Console can be pre-ordered. There will also be a limited early viewing, and pre-orders and buyers who purchase within the first 30 days of release will also receive the Empire and Founder’s Packs, additional cosmetic content, as well as a digital artbook and select soundtracks.

The game will then be released on March 16th this year for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. Until then, the developers would like to reveal more news about the console release. on Twitch Live broadcast of disclosure to be looked at.