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Announced in the US: “The Golden Bachelor” soon in Germany?

Announced in the US: “The Golden Bachelor” soon in Germany?

Announced in the US “Golden Bachelor” soon in Germany?

A red rose soon for the German “Golden Agers”?


American broadcaster ABC announces new “Bachelor” show for seniors. Does RTL go hand in hand with design?

how Variety magazine reports, American broadcaster ABC has announced another installment of its hit format “The Bachelor” for the upcoming fall. In the new format, this time teenage girls don’t have to compete for equally luscious bachelor favors. Instead, the new reality show is described as “a new kind of love story – one for the golden age.”

“Desperate Romantics Seeking Dating”

According to the press release, “The Golden Bachelor” will each be a “hopeless romantic” who has been “given a second chance at love and is looking for a partner with whom to share the last…years of his life”.

The same applies to future candidates of the new programme. They too have “experiences of a lifetime, experiencing love, loss and laughter, waiting for a spark to ignite a future of infinite possibilities”.

As the broadcaster puts it, the idea of ​​a Bachelor “senior season” has been around for some time, but has yet to materialize.

“The Golden Bachelor” – soon on RTL?

From the German “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” forms (also via RTL+) are always closely based on ABC’s American models of original broadcasts, it’s highly conceivable that German broadcaster RTL will follow suit with a similar “Bachelor” spin-off for older viewers.