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London, Berlin: US has decided on F-16 delivery

Germany and Great Britain are considering the decision to supply Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets. “The White House has to decide whether to release this technology,” said Ben Wallace, the British defense secretary on a visit to Berlin. Britain has “no F-16s”. Therefore, his country’s role could be “limited” and related only to training, coordination and logistics.

Ukraine has long sought a supply of Western fighter jets and has expressed interest in the US-made F-16. According to a British government spokesman, Great Britain and the Netherlands previously agreed to an “international alliance” on the sidelines of a Council of Europe summit in Iceland to provide fighter jets to Ukraine. Unlike Britain, the Netherlands has F-16 fighter jets.

In a joint press conference with Wallace, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius insisted that Germany “cannot play an active role” in a fighter jet alliance. Because it has “no training capability (…) or flight”. He added: “Ultimately, as far as I’m concerned, it’s up to the White House anyway.” It should decide whether F-16 fighter jets will be delivered to Ukraine.


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