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Antagonistic atmosphere after Ortlieb-Schelte in the damaged ÖSV team

Antagonistic atmosphere after Ortlieb-Schelte in the damaged ÖSV team

Patrick Ortlieb, Chief Financial Officer of OSV, spoke of a kind of oasis of well-being in a negative sense at the association. Ramona Siebenhofer and Katharina Troupe lack the support of the executive floor, Alexandra Mesnitzer sees things differently: “It takes ruthless honesty!”

In the current pressure situation, Austrian female skiers don’t quite feel like they have the support they need. He commented, “It is not comfortable to be an athlete.” Ramona Seppenhofer At the Semmering World Cup on Tuesday, ÖSV’s chief financial officer was reprimanded Patrick Ortliebwho recently painted a kind of oasis of well-being in the association in a negative sense. “He used to be an athlete, he should know better. He also has a daughter who’s there.”

Ortlieb, Olympic champion in the downhill in 1992 and pulled the strings today at the ÖSV, has recently taken his athletes to work with harsh words. “As a ski association, we’ve committed ourselves to first-class sports not fair-weather sports. Certainly not to sports,” Ortlieb said on ServusTV. “You see, money doesn’t make you successful. We have to make the athletes greedier, hungrier, snappier and let them dump each other again.”

He said, “If you’re already on the ground, step on it again—well, I don’t know.” Catherine Troupe Above all, I cannot fathom the timing of the public criticism six weeks before the World Cup in Courchevel/Miribel. In light of the downsizing of the ÖSV, also proposed by Ortlieb, Truppe said: “I can’t change much about the personnel anyway, I’m just a little fish there.”

There is relaxation after the opening three-race competition at Semmering Kathryn Linsberger He is not expected to be 13th and therefore the best Austrian. Instead, according to Alexandra Mesnitzer, tachils are required. said the former world runner ORFTelevision expert. “You’ll probably have to listen to one critical word or the other,” Mesnitzer said “on air” and noted the “critical spirit” in the stewardship staff led by Thomas Trinker and setting it on new grounds ahead of this season.

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“Everyone is doing their best, everyone is doing their best. Everyone is very willing to work,” Linsberger said, but also noted in light of the large-scale restructuring in the superintendent’s area: “No one from the upper floors actually knows, as it has been in recent years This does not make it any easier and it will take some time to develop.”