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Antonio Cairoly with the painful end of his US tour

Antonio Cairoly with the painful end of his US tour

In the fourth round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series, Antonio Cairoli finally wanted to reach his target podium. So the Italians sailed towards the High Point National with great expectations. He said he was very good at his KTM in practice and was in good spirits for the racing day.

“I felt better in training than in the last race. Of course the speed was much better and we worked a little bit on the speed this week, so the feeling was good.

Keiroli, who qualified for fifth place, were ready for a podium attack early in the day. The Italian player started the first race in seventh place, but he was able to fight on the field. But at the start of the race he collided with another rider and hit his knee. He finished the race early because the pain was too much.

“I knew I had to push to get on the podium, but I made a mistake, touched another rider and hit my knee hard. I felt it immediately because this knee was causing me some problems for a long time. It started to swell and bleed so I went outside.

Despite all efforts to compete in the second race, the nine-time world champion could not end that day with a draw.

“I started last in the second race because it was a different format for the GPs. I was a little surprised to see the stupid mistake I made. So I had to stand in line outside, which was not the best starting position. At that point I could not get a good start from my knee, then I dropped out of 20 places and came back to 13th, but I had a big problem with my knee so I decided it was not a good day and should finish the race as soon as possible.

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