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Swimming: Another way to light: Elendt trains in the United States

Swimming: Another way to light: Elendt trains in the United States

At short distances, things are not so beautiful in German swimming. Anna Elland is well on her way to changing that. At the age of 20, he has gained competition recognition.

Suddenly Anna Ellent is someone and enjoys it. At least the professional world knows what his name does, and he’s been on the radar of international competition since this year.

SG Frankfurt swimmer breaks German records over 50, 100 and 200m breaststroke.

“People are asking who this woman from Texas really is,” Ellent said, adding that she was not yet recognized as a German. The result of her study United States And his involvement with the powerful coaching staff of Carol Capitani, head coach at the University of Texas.

Elendt: “It’s great to be noticed now”

But now she is known. “Some of the stars of the scene who never said hello to me before, just talk to me casually now,” Elend added: “I think I’m being noticed now.”

For this to happen in Germany, the 20-year-old will now have to make deliveries at the World Championships in Budapest. From 2019, if you finish seventh over 50 meters it will be the best World Cup ending. “This time I’ve focused on the 100 meters. I want to see how I grew up and what I can achieve directly compared to the best in the world,” Elend said. Over the past few weeks, he has laid the groundwork for this at home in Frankfurt with US training programs.

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Some more construction sites need work, said the athlete who sees his leap in training under the captaincy. “The situation in Germany is not bad, but support in the United States is considerably different. Everything you need is possible. And you train with 25 women, they all have the same goals. It’s very professional.”

Bergen: “Good training in Germany”

Long-distance national coach Bernd Bergen is delighted with Eland’s development, but his path abroad is not generally looked forward to by the German Swimming Association. “Basically, there is good training in Germany. But there is a lack of taking athletes to the top of the world,” Bergen said.

Eland does not want to involve himself in specific goals in Budapest. “I like to take it easy, self-imposed job placement goals are not so great,” he said. “I want to get my best time as close as possible and confirm my form. Let’s see what it’s good for.”

Elend is certainly known for his fancy fingernail work, for which he is already known on the scene. “They glow blue in Budapest. They go with my pink dress,” Elend said before her first start this Sunday.