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Apex Legends: Spielerzahlen legen zu + Mobile-Version startet

Apex Legends: The new map takes you to the moon

After introducing the Darkness update last week, Respawn Entertainment has now revealed the new map for Apex Legends. It shoots you at the moon Cleo and offers some features that were not in the game before.

On the 1st of November, as is known, that will be Eclipse update for Battle Royale Apex Legends chest. A new map has been promised for this, which is on the Cleo moon and with the “Destructed Moon” Respawn Entertainment and EA have now put the map in the spotlight.

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Shattered Moon is a legacy reclamation project by Cleo Recovery Council and is similar in size to World’s Edge according to the developers. For faster movement, you can use the new transport tracks, which are very similar in functionality to the existing cable cars. However, you are much faster in dealing with them, which of course also involves some risks. Roughly speaking, the map is divided into two parts. On one side are the industrial remains, and on the other there is more greenery and nature to be seen.

in one Blog entry EA goes into detail about the points that matter to you. The actual reclamation system should be especially appetizing. Up to four teams can land here to battle for dominance at the center of the map.

A trailer for the Apex Legends Eclipse Gameplay trailer appears from the new Shattered Moon map

On Cleo Moon, you will have hot battles with other players in Apex Legends.