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Apple April 20 Event: Tim Cook might introduce that

Apple April 20 Event: Tim Cook might introduce that

Updated April 15, 2021 at 7:35 pm

  • Apple will introduce new products on April 20, 2021.
  • Starting at 7 pm, group president Tim Cook will be showcasing the new products.
  • The iPhone manufacturer can then show this.

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Apple announced new products on April 20, 2021. Starting at 7 pm, Apple President Tim Cook will present a virtual tour of the new products on the broadcast. As always, it is not known in advance what exactly the kit will offer. But there are some rumors about what the iPhone manufacturer has to offer – an overview.

Apple can present this on April 20

an Apple It officially invites you to “Spring Upgrade”, so experts assume that some older products will receive late hardware updates.


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Experts believe that Apple will likely give the iPad Pro an upgrade. Above all, the faster processors and the better cameras are clear. There is also speculation about whether Apple will give the tablet a 5G module, so the new fast wireless standard will now find its way to tablets. In the latest generation of iPhone The technology is already in use. In addition, the screen technology on the top model is the change to an LCD with miniature LED backlights, which should allow for higher contrast.

IPad Mini may also receive an update. There is speculation about a full surface demo without the Home button. The older iPad brothers have already explained how to work without a button. So the screen can also grow significantly again.

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iOS 14.5

It can also be assumed that Apple will also tackle the new iOS 14.5 as part of the product offering. In addition to the many new jobs, the group will likely make a reference to the Transparency in Traceability initiative again. In the past, there have been violent disputes, especially with Facebook.

More Apple products are in the pipeline

While it is very likely that the previously mentioned products will be introduced, there are of course rumors of other updates being speculated.

  • AirTags: Digital key rings have been said to have been ready for some time, but have yet to be officially introduced. The product is attached to a keyring like a keychain, for example, and can then be located using an iPhone. The location function on many Apple devices is in “Where is it?” Summarization.
  • AirPods 3: Apple’s next generation headphones should also approach market maturity. However, recent reports indicate that the product will not be available until later in the year.
  • Camel: The Apple TV Box was last updated in 2017. So experts assume an update will be available soon. The focus of the set-top box should shift more towards gaming, a move Apple tried with the latest release – and so far failed.
  • IMacs: Last but not least, Apple may also introduce a new iMac design. The design of all-in-one computers has not changed since 2012 – an eternity by Apple standards. The rumors go in the direction that Apple could bring colors back into the game and thus orient itself on the early iMac models.
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The world will only discover more details on April 20, 2021, when Tim Cook will introduce almost all new products.

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