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Renovation of the Weisshaus power plant: cycling through the pressure tunnel

Renovation of the Weisshaus power plant: cycling through the pressure tunnel

From the outside, it looks rather inconspicuous, but in fact the Weisshaus Power Station is the largest electricity generating facility operated by the Reute Power Station. The power plant is currently being extensively modernized.

Binswang. The damaged areas were discovered during a routine inspection of the 3.7-kilometre-long pressure tunnel. Renewal was inevitable. The upcoming measures have been taken advantage of and the facility is now undergoing extensive modernization. Work has been ongoing since October 2, 2023.

Challenging mission

“Repairing these damaged areas has proven to be a difficult task due to the difficulty of accessing the deeper areas of the tunnel. This requires precision and skill from EWR staff, who sometimes have to access the tunnel for miles on bicycles and private vehicles to carry out the necessary repairs.” – say officials of the European Economic Area.

Investing in the future

The EEA Governing Council explains how important these measures are as a future measure Sebastian Fry: “These investments not only strengthen our grid infrastructure, but also prepare us to best meet future challenges in energy supply.”

The Weisshaus power station, located just before the border with Füssen, is the largest in the EW Reut.  |  Photo: EW Riot/BRAND

This is what is being done

In the course of repairing the damage, the entire system, from the butterfly valve to the steel hydraulic structure to the turbine – the heart of the power plant – will be completely refurbished. The electrical and sensor technology is also being revamped, including replacing the old relay controller with a modern PLC controller. The focus is also on sediment drainage, downpipe regeneration in the flow tank and riser tank regeneration including piping.
In parallel with the work on the Weisshaus power station, a modern switchgear was built, which represents an essential link between the Austrian and German supply areas. The old switchgear was replaced and the new system found its place in a newly constructed building on the site of the power plant. The switchgear now ensures improved operational safety and increased efficiency, a crucial step towards providing more reliable power.

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Know better

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