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Apple blocks app update due to AI concerns

Apple blocks app update due to AI concerns

According to a media report, due to the potential risks of artificial intelligence (AI), Apple is denying App Store access to programs that have been expanded to include these capabilities. The “Wall Street Journal” (Wall Street Journal) reported on Thursday, citing correspondence from both companies.

Apple fears that the software will produce inappropriate content for children. Neither company could initially be reached for comment.

Software sometimes creates things wrong

ChatGPT developed by Microsoft holding company OpenAI, like Google’s competing product “Bard”, is the so-called generative artificial intelligence. It simulates human interaction and can, among other things, generate entire scripts using just a few keywords. It is difficult to determine that they were not created by humans. In addition, programs sometimes throw up information that is factually incorrect.

Assessment of the opportunities and risks of this new technology varies widely. China wants to give developers a lot of freedom. On the other hand, the European Union notes the risks and is pressing for rapid regulation. Elon Musk, the head of electric car maker Tesla and short-messaging service Twitter, is inclined to this assessment. “AI is putting pressure on me,” he said at an investor event. It must be ensured that AI works in the public interest.

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