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Real-time personalized customer service |  Economie

Real-time personalized customer service | Economie

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Salesforce adds new functionality to its existing contact center application. AI-powered automation extends identity, availability or service checks. WhatsApp integration should enable more personal support.

(red/cc) Current surveys show that more than fifty percent of consumers now prefer to conduct their business exclusively or primarily via the Internet. About three-quarters of consumers say they will stick with companies that offer faster services, even if it means new costs. On the contrary, more than ninety percent of employees in service companies say that digital services expand and improve service options—which in turn improves resources, saves money, and creates room for innovation.

Automation, AI, and analytics to improve customer service
Salesforce is an international leader specializing in cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM). The American group has had its own subsidiary in Austria for two years and is constantly expanding its innovations in the field of interactive customer care. One of the key elements is personalization with combined use of the latest customer information. The IT Service Provider is currently extending the functionality of the existing call center application.

The current focus is mainly on communication service providers, but the solution can also be used for companies with a large number of customers. One component of the new functionality is so-called Einstein Conversational Insights, which give service teams a complete overview of operations in the (concerned) call center using artificial intelligence. This also includes proactive notifications about any issues such as failures or unhappy customers.

Automated workflows also take different regional regulations into account
In detail, new functionality includes faster identity checking with automated workflows, which may also take into account different regional legal regulations, as well as a so-called Action Launcher, where administrators can adapt common processes such as prepaid top-ups or address changes.

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Also included is a data-based forecast function for the delivery area (order fulfillment date forecast), eg to recommend expected delivery times. In addition, orders that can be delayed due to problems such as incorrect address can also be identified. Service representatives can then correct this and suggest a new delivery date using AI-based insights.

Salesforce and WhatsApp
When it comes to WhatsApp, Salesforce is now expanding its long-standing partnership with the communication platform. Specifically, this also concerns new functions and services such as WhatsApp for the service. The focus is on further personalization in customer service and intensifying customer loyalty. For example, AI-controlled chatbots automate administration and routine queries.
Versatile conversations with audio and video files, lists, stickers or emojis can be carried out within the messaging app. Using the “WhatsApp for Marketing” function, marketing or service personnel can contact customers directly via WhatsApp and send various, targeted advertising messages based on the individual interests and needs of customers.

Red/CC, Economic Edition Web Article, 03/03/2023