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Apple holt zwei Top-Entwickler von Mercedes für die Apple Car-Entwicklung

Apple hires two senior developers from Mercedes to develop Apple cars

An apple He got two more talents for the Apple Car project: Dr. Anton Osselmann will work in Cupertino in the future. He previously worked at Mercedes, where he was responsible, among other things, for optimizing mass production. In addition, Apple stole another development engineer from Mercedes.

Apple Car needs skilled developers and engineers to finally get it off the assembly line. Apple has now managed to win two more heads for its Titan project, under this name, Apple Car will be in IphoneGroup development.

Doctor. Anton Osselmann moves to Apple: The product developer previously worked at Mercedes, where he was responsible, among other things, for some details related to improving the steering of the car and the mass production process. He was also responsible for a number of software development projects.

Apple is promoting people

Another great talent who recently moved from Mercedes to Apple, such as MacRumors test They will be assigned to Apple’s Special Projects group as product design experts. Thus, Apple continues to upgrade personnel: a few weeks ago the company managed to win over a former developer from BMW, but Project Titan also continues to lose groundbreaking minds, and the project has a reputation for not making good progress with a lot of problems with its internal organizational processes.

Recently, Apple had its own negotiation team for Asia from South Korea We were sent to Japan as we did in one the previous message informed. Apple has not yet been able to conclude an agreement with a major automaker to produce the Apple car. Optimistic estimates assume that production lines will start in three years at the earliest – and it is unlikely to start significantly later.

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