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Apple increases testing frequency for unvaccinated employees

Apple increases testing frequency for unvaccinated employees


At Microsoft, Google and Facebook, there are strict vaccination requirements for employees in the US who want to return to the office 1.5 years into the pandemic. An apple Such a compulsory vaccination has not yet been provided. But here, too, the system is now much stricter towards the invulnerable: unvaccinated Staff must Test often, How do The Verge Reports. The goal is to achieve the possibility of vaccinating more employees indirectly – without obligation.

Official requirements

Apple also asked its employees to use a file vaccination status to announce. That’s why Apple adheres to standards official orders In the USA, which states that companies with more than 100 employees either require mandatory vaccination or offer weekly testing. Apple announced the new rules for all employees on Friday, the report said.

Apple employees who are currently in home office It needs to be located again, though in the new year Return to the office is mandatory. Staff will also be in fall 2021 Three extra days off Received, it says from Apple’s part.

different solutions

Other tech companies have decided that employees should be vaccinated when they return to the office. For employees who work from medical or religious For reasons that cannot be vaccinated, there must be special regulations. staff and people with immunity supervision or Parents with childrenThose who are too young to be vaccinated can do so Microsoft Even January 2022 Work from home as they say. Facebook social networking site In the meantime, he decided that employees would never have to return to the office.

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