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Independisk: Work next door instead of the home office

Independisk: Work next door instead of the home office

Combining the benefits of a home office and an office workplace – that’s what Karsten Kosatz, the founder of Berlin, set out to do with his startup Independisk. “After months in the home office, in quarantine and in lockdown, we are creating a mobile workplace that is not in your four walls,” says the founder.

Because not only not everyone has a fully equipped study at home. In the home office, you face many other challenges: “WLAN is not stable, kids are wandering in the background and your workplace is either on the kitchen table, on the living room sofa, or on the edge of the bed between the ironing board and the laundry basket.”

Independensk: Working on the Berlin TV Tower thanks to the Airbnb نموذج model

Independisk wants to offer an alternative option: professional workplaces close to home, but not directly at home. To do this, the Berlin startup is using the Airbnb model. Providers must meet certain requirements on their premises (eg fast WiFi, good lighting, decent office – living spaces are expressly prohibited) and can then register for free.

Offices and meeting rooms are currently available in agencies or businesses that are not in use for some time or days, as well as workplaces in cafes, restaurants, hotels, co-working spaces or in unusual places like the Berlin TV Tower. Hourly billing, although prices vary widely – in Berlin alone the range is from 1 euro to about 50 euros per hour.

At the moment, only locations are available in Germany. But of course there are expansion plans. In order to raise awareness and find more partners, founder Kossatz appeared this week on Die Höhle der Löwen. He wants 150,000 euros from investors in exchange for 15 percent of the company’s shares.

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