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Apple will make the switch to Android 2025 more user-friendly

Apple will make the switch to Android 2025 more user-friendly

From Lightning to USB-C: Not only is the operating system different, but so are the charging cables between Android and Apple phones.
Photo: Agence France-Presse

Anyone who wants to switch from an iPhone to an Android smartphone cannot transfer all their data to the new device. That should change starting next year.

aApple wants to make switching from an iPhone to an Android smartphone easier to use in the European Union next year. The group announced this on Thursday as part of the implementation of the requirements of the DMA (Digital Markets Act). The corresponding solution should be available in the fall of 2025. There is currently a Google app for switching from iPhone to Android, but some types of data are not transferred.

At the end of this year or the beginning of next year, the group wants to make it possible to transfer relevant data from one web browser to another on the same device. The DMA also envisions more competition in web browsers.

Tighter rules for large online platforms have come into force in the European Union since Thursday. The EU Commission has so far identified 22 services from six companies as so-called “gatekeepers” to which the new requirements apply. It is not surprising that the giant American technology companies Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, and the Meta Group on Facebook were affected.

Video app TikTok from Bytedance, which originally comes from China, has also been added to the list. The requirements include, among other things, not allowing “gatekeepers” to give preference to their own services over offers from competitors.

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