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Municipal Council Meeting – Gersten: “We are an effective municipality”

Municipal Council Meeting – Gersten: “We are an effective municipality”

Water supply, broadband expansion and now the planned construction of a kindergarten – all these large projects represent a challenge for the municipality of Gristen. “All the projects are interconnected, which makes planning not so easy,” emphasizes Deputy Mayor and Finance Officer Johannes Buchbner. However, the 2023 financials, which were approved at the last local council meeting, were virtually unchanged compared to the supplemental estimate.

In December 2023, the debt level was reduced to €867,823. In the same period in 2022, this amount amounted to 969,040 euros. However, reserves have shrunk from EUR 4,270,772 (as of January 1, 2023) to EUR 1,292,018 by the end of 2023. The annual budget potential is shown in the 2023 financial statements as EUR 1,094,174. “In general, the Gersten community is an efficient community. Given the large number of projects, we also need this level of performance to be able to handle all these large projects,” emphasizes Johannes Buchbner.

The metal fence on the bike path has been completed

One of the projects that has already been completed is the new metal fence in the Ybbsbach/Kral bike path area. This was built by Metallbau Josef Welser. Cost: 13,777 euros.

Put an end to the spread of stickers

Label guidelines have also been redefined in the community. “Registration for placing posters takes place exclusively through the community. They may only be installed in designated places,” emphasizes city mayor Harald Gnadenberger. These are:

On display at Rathausplatz: A2 poster, preferably A3, delivered at the office (free)

Preparing label pads: Maximum size A1 (free)

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• The green strip (Scheibbser Straße, B22) in the Billa car park, 3 meters from the intersection Scheibbserstraße – Schulstraße

• The green area on the L92 in front of the house at Schmiedgasse 8

• The green strip on the Franz Alt promenade near Salcherstrasse 15

• The green areas of Johanneskapelle Spörken or the intersection from L92 to Ybbsbachstrasse

• Access to the entertainment center