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Apple workers in the US form the first union

Apple workers in the US form the first union

Efforts to form unions are increasing

Employees of the American technology group Apple in the US state of Maryland have voted to join a union. The union wrote on its website that more than 100 Apple retail workers overwhelmingly decided to join the International Association of Machinists and Space Workers on Saturday.

Local Apple employees in Tucson, near Baltimore, “support the vast majority of our colleagues,” they wrote in a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Joining the union is not directed against Apple’s management. In response to a question from Reuters, an Apple spokesperson declined to comment at this time.

Apple workers in Tucson are the first Apple retail workers to join unions. Apple workers in Atlanta who wanted to join unions withdrew their applications last month. They justify this with intimidation attempts.

Union formation efforts are increasing at some of the large US companies, including and Starbucks.

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