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High season for strawberries in Styria ‹Fruchtportal

June 20 2022

The strawberry is now “laughing” in the bright red color of the local strawberry, which was covered with straw fields. “Now and for the next two to three weeks is prime season for strawberries. The current weather without extreme temperatures is ideal for uniform ripening. Now the strawberries are large, juicy and sweet and aromatic,” confirms Herbert Muster, Head of Fruit-Growing Division at Chamber of Agriculture (LK) bacterium;

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By the way, the queen raspberry has been in Styria much longer than it was until July. The expert: “Our fruit growers also plant later cultivars, on later sites and areas and in greenhouses, so that Styria strawberries are available until autumn.” Strawberries ring not only in summer, but also in berry season: in addition to strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, currants will also ripen in the next few weeks. Sample: “From June to September, the selection of fresh local berries is especially large.”

Strawberry picking from strawberry fields is especially popular with Styrian. About 15 companies in Styria offer adventure seekers the opportunity to choose their own business. In general, strawberry cultivation in Styria is a mainstay of about 60 farms. Styrian strawberries are grown on an area of ​​\u200b\u200b160 hectares, of which about 80% are in the open air and 20% are in protected cultivation in tin houses. The harvested strawberries are now mainly available directly from the farm, in self-picking fields, at farmers’ markets and in supermarkets. Local gastronomy also increasingly relies on seasonal strawberries from local farmers.

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Source: Ots / Chamber of Styrian Culture (LKST)

Release date: 06/20/2022