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Apple's HomePod with Display Could Come with AI and A18 Processor

Apple's HomePod with Display Could Come with AI and A18 Processor

Apple's yet-to-be-officially announced smart home devices with a display continue to surface online. After confirming the existence of the HomePod speaker and the iPad hybrid through the model name, clues about the operating system and chipset that will power the device have now emerged again.

Apple device with A18 chip and AI technology?

in MacRumors The code strings discovered now point to a new device called “HomeAccessory 17.1.” Interestingly, this is also the first time this banner has appeared, which leads us to speculate.

The name might suggest that these are Apple's smart home devices and accessories. Additionally, these are likely the HomePod family, as these speakers are internally called “AudioAccessory.”

However, the new “17.1” number suggests it’s powered by Apple’s A18 chipset, similar to how the upcoming iPhone 16 models are rated. That wouldn’t come as a surprise, given that the HomePod and standard iPads are also powered by the company’s A-SoC.

Interestingly, the presence of the A18 chip means that this speaker or tablet could feature Apple's artificial intelligence. It would make sense to handle routines or complex tasks that can only be achieved using the new Apple Intelligence.

Alleged prototypes of Apple's HomePod 3 smart speaker with touchscreen / © X/u/Kosutami

To add more power to the mix, the release notes that the device will run a version of tvOS, suggesting it will have a display or at least support for connecting external displays.

A HomePod speaker with a round, integrated color LCD display has already been launched. The alleged prototype of this speaker looks like the second generation of the HomePod.

There's of course the possibility that this smart home device could end up as a speaker with a detachable screen on top, similar to many smart displays or even like the Google Pixel tablet with its docking station.

There are no details yet on when this device is expected to be announced. It will probably be officially unveiled alongside the iPhone 16 sometime this fall or later this year.

What do you think this “HomeAccessory” will be like? Let us know your predictions in the comments section.

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