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Revolution 5 Pro Controller Gets Update For Shooter Fans – SHOCK2

Revolution 5 Pro Controller Gets Update For Shooter Fans – SHOCK2

Nacon announces an update to the Revolution 5 Pro controller that includes Shooter Pro Mode. Thanks to its design and features that give users an advantage in the game, the controller has already sold thousands of units since its launch in November. This makes it the most successful Nacon accessory launched to date. Nacon has updated the controller customization software with a new gameplay option: Shooter Pro Mode.

Key Features of the Revolution 5 Pro Controller

  • Asymmetrical Sticks: Optimal Handling and Advanced Ergonomics
  • Play wired with a detachable 3m cable or wirelessly with low latency thanks to RF technology
  • 10+ hours of battery life: for long gaming sessions without charging
  • Improved accuracy and durability of sticks and triggers thanks to Hall Effect technology, reducing the risk of “stick drift” (compared to previous Revolution controllers)
  • Trigger Blocker: Adaptable to every situation in the game by automatically adjusting trigger capacity
  • Customization App (for PC and Mac, and soon also for mobile): More freedom to individually configure the controller and adapt it to your play style
  • Comprehensive customization: 4 adjustable profiles per platform, 3 weight groups, 3 embroidery columns, 3 embroidery heads, at least 60 adjustment options
  • Convenient Shortcuts: Assign shortcut buttons to the back of the controller.
  • Dual Wireless: Connect the controller to the console and instantly switch between console audio and Bluetooth audio device
  • High quality materials for increased comfort and better handling

the Revolution 5 Pro The console will be available from October 2023 and is already available in stores or in stores. Available for pre-order.

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