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Apple's new AI won't be coming to the EU for the time being

Apple's new AI won't be coming to the EU for the time being

The cornerstone of Apple's vision of useful AI is that the software has deep access to user data on devices. This will allow Apple Intelligence, for example, to quickly answer the question of whether you can make it to an appointment if your plans change, or to summarize emails and sort them by importance.

One of the basic requirements of the EU DMA (Digital Markets Act) is that large platforms classified as “gatekeepers” must grant access to other providers and are not allowed to give preference to their own offers. At the same time, there is an exception if this may affect the “integrity” of the services.

But it is not clear whether the EU Commission would accept Apple's concerns about data security as a reason for such an exception.

Several other features announced last week at Apple's WWDC developer conference were also affected by the delay. These features include “iPhone Mirroring,” which gives you full access to your Apple smartphone from your Mac computer, as well as screen sharing with other users.

Apple confirms it is in talks with the EU Commission about a solution and wants to make the jobs available in Europe. But this year it will no longer be available. Traditionally, Apple releases beta versions of new software in the summer – and makes it available to everyone in the fall with a new generation of iPhones.

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