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Apply now for the Creative Policy Award

Apply now for the Creative Policy Award

The annual Innovation in Policy Awards honor creative politicians from across Europe who have the courage to break new ground to find innovative solutions to today’s challenges. The awards are given to politicians in recognition of their innovative projects based on our European values ​​of social balance, democracy and human rights – regardless of their party affiliation or level of government.

An open call to European change-makers in politics and society

Initiatives and projects from all Council of Europe Member States are invited to submit their contributions for the 2024 Policy Innovation Awards by the application deadline of 19 November 2023.

Participants have the opportunity to excel in one of eight categories, including Democracy, Climate Action, Democracy Technologies, Education, Improving Government, Social Cohesion, Local Development, and Party Innovation.

The voice of citizens shapes the future

A 1,000-member European-wide national jury selects ten finalists and one winner for each category. The competition will culminate in an exclusive ceremony with all finalists and winners, scheduled to take place in April 2024 in Barcelona, ​​the first European capital of democracy.

In addition to being recognized, winners receive access to a prominent platform that allows them to showcase their amazing achievements and expand their network with new contacts.


Entrepreneurs can submit their applications in person online or ask anyone to nominate them for an award until November 19, 2023.

To submit a project application, nominate a project or become a citizen juror and evaluate this year’s projects, please visit