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Archer ‘Midnight’ electronic aircraft taxi: FACC supplies the fuselage and wing elements

Archer recently introduced his electric air taxi, the eVTOL “Midnight” series aircraft – a VTOL aircraft that FACC has given wings (parts of).

Red / USA. Innovative Archer Aviation recently introduced an aircraft of its eVTOL Archer ‘Midnight’ series: the completely redesigned Urban Air aircraft will carry up to four passengers and can be used for journeys of up to 30 kilometres.

The flight will take place at an altitude of up to 600 meters – almost silently and without carbon dioxide emissions. Because “Midnight” is powered by an electric motor. The pilot can also take off and land the aircraft vertically, which significantly increases the possible uses and passenger comfort and makes it particularly attractive to urban areas.

Inside Archer's flying taxi "midnight".
  • Inside Archer’s “Midnight” flying taxi.
  • Photo: Archer Aviation/FACC
  • Uploaded by Silvia Wagnermeyer

Archer commissioned FACC to develop and produce the fuselage and wing elements for the new vertical take-off aircraft. “The international high-tech group from Upper Austria is once again making a strong statement when it comes to urban air mobility and innovative and sustainable aviation,” reads the FACC report. This remains on track to generate a third of total sales in new business areas for urban air mobility and aerospace by 2030. There is also strong demand for innovative lightweight construction solutions in aviation.

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