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Are you leaving the US now?

Are you leaving the US now?

Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan: Now They’re Retiring!

With the release of Prince Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan’s (41) drama documentary “Harry & Meghan” on Netflix and revelations in Germany’s “Spare” memoir titled “Reserve,” the royals in exile apparently haven’t done themselves much of a favor. Especially after the television interviews they did after the allegations Especially in America their popularity has declined drastically.

Although the pair are said to be more unpopular than disgraced Prince Andrew (63), the couple have no plans to court her. Abandon your home in Montecito, California. However, Harry and Meghan from each other For a retreat The Sussexes seem to be considering Own private island.

There is talk of setting up base in LA and moving to Canada, South Africa or other countries where they enjoy greater popularity and public sympathy. To make money abroad, it fits their vision of global success.

An insider informed, Harry in particular liked the idea of ​​being in A Live in natural and eco-friendly environmentto love

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