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US warns Russia after drone incident – Toskozil wants to…

US warns Russia after drone incident – Toskozil wants to…

We kick off the news day with you and give you a quick overview of the morning’s most important topics.

US warns Russia after drone incident: After a military incident between the US and Russia over the Black Sea, the US government is warning Moscow of an escalation. More on this

This is how Toskosil wants to lead the SPÖ: Hans-Peter Toskozil is applying for party leadership – but only if the SPÖ base has a vote. He already tails the party and writes Klaus Nittelfelder. More on this

RBI is reportedly working on a swap deal with Sberbank: “Falter” reports on a secret banking deal. Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) speaks only of “theoretical considerations”. More on this

Holland put together a five-pack against Leipzig: Norway’s Manchester City star Erling Holland scored five times to make it 7-0. Lionel Messi and Luis Adriano had previously scored five goals in a Champions League match. More on this

When politicians shift responsibility: Johanna Mikl-Leitner says that the obligation to vaccinate was wrong, but they only followed doctors’ advice. One Morning glow from Martin Fritzl. More on this

BBC vs Gary Lineker: How much pressure are public broadcasters under? Star presenter Gary Lineker will return to television next Saturday. The BBC temporarily suspended him for his criticism of British asylum policy. But the tide continues to rise: are the BBC and politics too close? The “The Press” Podcast From Wednesday. More on this

90 years ago today “Neue Freie Presse” wrote about the last attempts to resolve the constitutional crisis. But March 15, 1933 turned out to be a fateful day in Austrian history. It ultimately marks the end of democracy. More on this

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