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Ark: Survival Ascened – Update scheduled for tomorrow will be postponed

Ark: Survival Ascened – Update scheduled for tomorrow will be postponed

Once again, developer Studio Wildcard is about to have almost no content for Dinosaur Survival Astronomy: Survival ascended canceled. A big update with a new map was actually supposed to appear on February 28, and it has now been postponed indefinitely, with the only reason given being that “The Center” update was not yet at the quality level that Studio Wildcard wanted. that it It is not the first approach of this kind From the developer – Even when the game was released, there were still issues a few days ago.

Ark: Survival Ascend – Release plans have repeatedly not been met

The official statement says that the studio itself is not to blame for anything Homepage From the game: “Our partners working in the center while we focus on the Scorched Earth expansion need more time to do so The content meets our requirements and your requirementsThe fact that such a development seems to be expected just a day before the planned release is disturbing enough – but even more so because this isn't the first time something like this has happened as part of an Ark: Survival Ascending release.

Indeed this one Released on Xbox Series It was a day earlier than scheduled It has been postponed due to the ongoing approval process. The Scorched Earth expansion pass was actually supposed to be released with the main game last November; It is currently expected April.

Society reacts with sarcasm

“If you focus not so much on distributing content that no one asked for, but on content that we paid for, you can You might as well meet your deadlines“, he says, for example. The remake of Unreal 5 Astronomy: Survival Evolved It has been plagued by bugs and server issues since its release. Negative reviews steam Description: The game is in a desolate state.

Fixed Studio Wildcard Run after the time goals you set for yourself, suggests that the effort put into Ark: Survival Ascended may have been miscalculated. A survival game that has made the best impression on us recently is Surrounded, whose review you can read here.