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Developer Arrowhead is planning a lot of exciting things – SHOCK2

Developer Arrowhead is planning a lot of exciting things – SHOCK2

Development studio Arrowhead Games has been on a roll since its launch Hell Divers 2Due to the huge rush, a lot of work has been put into the game server capacity and backend code. The PC version alone recorded a peak of 457,649 concurrent players on Steam last week.

Now, it looks like the co-op shooter has finally reached a stable point. According to the developers, the game can currently accommodate up to 800,000 concurrent players across systems, meaning wait times are very short or even non-existent. The SHOCK2 editorial team also had no trouble getting into the game last weekend.

Exciting things to come

Now that the server-side issues have been reduced, the studio can focus on the remaining bugs, but above all on future content, CEO and game director Joseph Billstedt announced in a tweet.

“I'm really happy and proud of the Arrowhead team for an amazing achievement. The servers are all open this weekend
Helldivers2 players took care of it without any problems.
Now we have time to prepare
Title improvements
Focus and us
Continue the original plan. There are so many exciting things coming!”

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