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Arrests after the "Love Derby" in Vienna

Arrests after the “Love Derby” in Vienna

According to police, about 6,550 fans attended the small Vienna derby between the Athletic Club and Vienna in Hernals on Friday – and not only watched football, but also saw the naked facts. A naked jogger ran across the field and was charged with violating public morals. The CEO also reported that the mood prevailed after the match, and two women were provisionally arrested.


A guy has to introduce himself after breaking the fireworks law – which another fan didn’t like at all. He insulted the two officers, thus they also conducted an identity check on him. “The general mood of the other football fans still in the stadium is becoming more and more aggressive,” police wrote in a report on Saturday. To de-escalate the escalation, the men in uniform wanted to move the rest of the official business in front of the stadium, but were surrounded by fans, which resulted in the use of “physical force”.

Conclusion: The two women involved in the riots were temporarily detained for “acts of resistance” and several reports were drawn up. One officer was slightly injured. And this is from all in the so-called love derby, which, by the way, ended in a 3-0 victory for Vienna.

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