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Gurten secured a point with young Vikings Ried in the last minute

Gurten secured a point with young Vikings Ried in the last minute

The Young Viking Reed Saturday evening reception union belts. Favorite role can not be made. The match, which ended 1:1, went accordingly. Reed should not be content with the counter, as the equalizer was conceded only in the last minute.

Both teams are safe

At the beginning of the game, both teams play for safety. Gurten and Rieder don’t want to make mistakes. So at first there are no really good options. At this time, there is nothing more than standard positions to look for. During this stage, Rieder is mostly quirky – very nice to look at, but with no end purpose. A good game is shown to the audience, but the objectives are missing. Therefore, it remains at 0-0 and the referee sends the two teams to the break with a draw.

Leadership and compensation

The second half begins with the strongest Redern, as Julian Baumgartner makes himself notable with a shot, but the ball is released from a corner kick. Then Gurten becomes more specific in the attack. This gives the guests plenty of opportunity, but Jonas Wendlinger catches the ball. Then both coaches try to substitute in order to bring new momentum into the game. At first this does not help, but then the skin twists into the net, into the mesh of the belts. Baumgartner converts a direct free kick to the lead. Now belts are required if they work with something that can be counted. Guests throw everything forward. And indeed – you will be rewarded at the last minute. Tobias Schott plunges the leather into the box and adjusts it to 1:1 – at the same time the end result.

Franz Riesiger (Sporting director Gorten): “We have to be satisfied with the point today because we drew too late. But the fun performance was not satisfactory today. We can do more and we have to improve our chances. You have to do it but also you say that goalkeeper Ryder was Really exciting today and blocking a lot.”

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