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Arrow 3: Israel and the United States agree to sell missile defense system to Germany – Politics Abroad

Tel Aviv (Israel) – Israel and the United States have in principle sold the missile defense system Arrow 3 Approved for Germany.

The Israeli newspaper “Jerusalem Post” reported on Tuesday, citing German Air Force Inspector Ingo Gerhardt. This is the first sale of the system to a third country.

However, Germany has not yet made a purchase decision.

Gerhardt told the newspaper that Arrow 3 was the most appropriate system for the threats facing Germany. As for long-range missiles, Germany does not currently have adequate security, “which is why we are closely examining the Aero 3, and we are very interested in the system”.

Israel and the United States have agreed to the sale, he said. “But we need to talk about more details.”

The demand for missile defense armor for Germany became louder after Russia’s attack on Ukraine changed the threatening situation in Europe. President Olaf Scholes (63, SPD) stated in the ARD Plan “Anne Will” that the federal government was considering building missile shields throughout Germany based on the Israeli model.

The arrow system is capable of destroying incoming long-range ballistic missiles while operating within the stratosphere, at great altitudes above the Earth.

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