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The United States has approved the sale of a Taiwan missile defense system

Patriot missile defense system

U.S. soldiers chat after a routine inspection of the Patriot missile defense system at Turkey’s Gaziantep military base. Photo: MSgt Sean M. Voral / US Air Force / dpa

(Photo: dpa)

This will help Taiwan modernize its armed forces and strengthen its defenses, thereby contributing to the political and military stability of the region, the ministry said.

Among other things, the order includes the planning, distribution and operation of the missile defense system. The ministry said the system would be used to “prevent counter-regional threats and strengthen national security.” It told the US Congress that the order could be finalized.

The Communist leadership in China views Taiwan as part of the People’s Republic and threatens to seize it. The United States has dedicated itself to the defense capabilities of the democratic island state of Taiwan – which has so far been the primary source of arms supplies. However, US President Joe Biden warned last year that the United States has a “duty” to protect Taiwan during the attack. China was outraged by Biden’s comments.

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