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Artist photo – Sebastian Edelhofer: Punk musician for matters of the heart

Artist photo – Sebastian Edelhofer: Punk musician for matters of the heart

The “lower” impulse prompted Sebastian Edelhofer to actively pursue music at the age of fifteen. He wanted to impress the girls with his amazing guitar playing. With great enthusiasm, he founded his punk band “Against the Killer-Muffin”. The young man was proud to stand in the front row as a front-line commander.

In addition to music, Sebastian completed HAK and then the University of Applied Sciences in Eisenstadt, where he obtained a bachelor's degree in international economic relations and a master's degree in business law. He spent a year studying in Moscow, unfortunately without a guitar, but even there it was passively consumed music that gave him comfort when he was homesick.

Burgenland guarantees creativity

At home there was nothing to stop him. New songs were created and a return to the stage under the title “Sebastian Edelhofer” followed. He was familiar with the air of theater from his early childhood. Since his father Engelbert was artistic director at the St Margarethen Opera Festival, he was already playing the role of a baby parrot in The Magic Flute at the age of six. Soon after, while visiting his first Nova Rock festival, he doubted that this could become his world.

After studying, he went to Vienna, where he currently lives. At an events and promotions agency, he designs social media appearances for public figures. On weekends, Burgenland is the place to be for band rehearsals right there in the basement of his parents' house.

Klaus Unger, Sebastian Edelhofer, and Alexander Schuster

Capture the show, capture the show

Thanks Chance

How did the current formation of the band come about? A few years ago, Edelhofer met Alexander Schuster. It was a coincidence and luck that he came from the same village and had just set up a small recording studio. It was 'love at first sight' and so followed their first joint release.”Party.Love“heartbreak”. Fantastic events have included participating in Nova Rock on the Singer-Songwriter Stage and the Surfing World Cup in Podersdorf.

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Sebastian's path was heading up steeply, and so a band formed around him. His cousin Florian Salmer plays drums, his producer Alex Schuster plays guitar and Klaus Unger on bass.

The four boys from St. Margrethen's roots were completely fired up, resulting in the release of their debut album 'Rockstar's Paradise'. An impressive music video for the song of the same name was filmed in the quarry for the Tosca stage design. Of course on your own. It is important for Sebastian to do everything himself, as he can do it without needing a label or booking. The most important thing is that each song is unique and special.

Marketing is everything

There was a name change in 2020. The artist was afraid that “Sebastian Edelhofer” might create an association with popular music and so he changed the band's name to “SEBi!” Why is the small “i” in the middle of the capital letters? “This is simply for visual reasons, with the 'i' flipped backwards in the callsign,” Sebastian laughed.

When asked about his plans, goals and desires, Sippy replied: “I want to produce as many songs as possible, keep posting them on internet forums, but maybe also release a CD or vinyl in the future. I would like artists to appreciate and support each other more, and make time To go to concerts of little-known bands or simply to share songs.

Sebastian will definitely stay true to his high school pop punk and continue to sing about love, heartbreak and partying, giving the world energetic songs that invite you to sing along and bring joy.


Sippy! With full stage use

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