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Charles and Camilla attended the Easter service

Charles and Camilla attended the Easter service

They smiled and waved at them and wished them a happy holiday: King Charles and Queen Camilla participated in Easter Mass. This is seen as a sign of a return to the public eye following Charles' cancer diagnosis.

It was the first significant appearance since his cancer diagnosis was announced: British King Charles and his wife Queen Camilla attended Easter Mass at St. George's Chapel in Windsor on Sunday. The couple were seen smiling and waving as they entered the church located in the grounds of Windsor Castle. When someone from a group of onlookers shouted “Happy Easter!”, the king replied: “You too!”

Charles wore a dark coat and blue tie. Camilla came in a green outfit and matching hat. The couple had traveled the short distance from their room in the castle to the church in the forecourt in a limousine. After a short greeting from the clergy, the two entered the church.

Other royals have arrived beforehand, such as Charles' sister, Princess Anne. The heir to the throne, Prince William, his wife, Princess Kate, and their children, did not participate in the service. Kate recently announced that she also has cancer and is now undergoing chemotherapy. (Abba)

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