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Asked – Chris Lohner: “I would rather play in front of a full crowd”

Asked – Chris Lohner: “I would rather play in front of a full crowd”

This Wednesday you will come to the Mödlinger Stadttheater with your last programme. What is all this? about love? literature? Exile? Or something completely different?

Chris Lohner: It concerns the correspondence between Marlene Dietrich and Friedrich Torberg. This is a literary gem!

Evening title: Write. No, don’t write!” It’s like someone who doesn’t know what he wants. Who was Torberg who wrote Dietrich? And who – and how – was the Dietrich who answered him for almost thirty years?

Loner: You don’t have to explain Friedrich Torberg – see “Auntie Julich”. Neither does Dietrich. But the theatrical reading gives an interesting insight into the lives of two very different characters who had much in common.

How do you read that? How do women play it? How do you read (and play) with Erwin Steinhauer, with whom you stand on stage?

Loner: Erwin is a wonderful colleague and an exceptional actor. I’m very happy that we work so well together. We enjoy it!

I read Dietrich (with Torberg) in July of this year, at Semmering. We will continue reading next April in St. Pölten. How important is the right place to read? What do stage, direction and costume do with words?

Humor is the most important thing after love! Speaker, singer and actress Chris Lohner

Loner: Premiering at Panhans in July, the program will continue into 2024 to great acclaim. The theater in the courtyard is very nice, but we’re also happy to have anywhere else – always preferably a full house! We both direct, and we also decided to design the set and costumes together. Alexander Hauer chose a few letters from an infinite number, and Inge Prader took a beautiful photo. Great teamwork!

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But you’ve also played elsewhere. For example, at the City Theater of Baden, where she made her premiere as Mrs. Higgins in the classic musical My Fair Lady at the end of October and She Held Court again at the turn of the year, at the Racecourse and at the Butterfly Salon. how did you find it? How is that? And where did City Theater director and director Michael Lackner hide your beautiful red hair?

Loner: I have also played at the Salzburger Landestheater, in Berndorf or in Mödling. It’s always interesting for me to be able to show different sides, like in Baden. And the fact that Michael Lackner hid my red hair in there is amazing. Because brand is definitely a barrier to role.

At Christmas you can be a little naughty! Chris Lohner on her (pre-)Christmas show “Christmas One More Time”

But you just played “Christmas Again” — which doesn’t necessarily sound like a reverent evening. How rude, how petty, how brave, how critical a woman can/should be on stage? How much decorations can/should be on your Christmas tree? W: What’s next for you in the new year?

Loner: Christmas is a festival of light and joy. So he can also be funny, even if a bit cheeky. Humor is always a good recipe in life. I say that love is the most important thing. In 2024 we will continue with the bazooka and the four in the pocket. A journey through time with lots of music to the Vienna of my childhood. We are looking forward to!

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