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His mother is in shock!

His mother is in shock!

It really is unimaginable Stephan Mross You should feel it these days. Recently his aunt and cousin were born He was brutally shot by a killer stalker. Now the pop star’s mother commented on the tragedy. Can everything be prevented?

According to an article in “BILD”, the police learned that Stefan Mross’s cousin is being harassed by a stalker. The story came to a sad ending on Wednesday evening. The stalker killed Stefan Mross’s cousin and her mother with a pistol.

The situation was threatening long before that. The brother of the murdered cousin also made a statement in the article in “Bild”. Pursuit attacks were to begin in December. A complaint was filed in January. “Unfortunately, the investigation is closed.”

The chaser news got worse and worse. However, it should not be a matter of stalking, as any correspondence between the victim and the perpetrator will be reciprocal.

Stephanie Mroos, the mother of Stefan Mroos, is shocked and sad. She responded to “Bild” request: “I spoke to my sister on the phone the day she died. We are still talking fondly. I told her, ‘Take care of yourself.'”

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