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ASKÖ Oedt and the questionable squad against Union Mondsee – Now the competition is talking – Football Upper Austria – Results, tables and scorers from all top Austrian championships.

The ASKÖ Oedt, the current leader of the Upper Austrian League, does not want to be promoted to the regional league. If you’re still in that top spot at the end of the season, you’ll have to be relegated to the state league. Such a scenario should be prevented in Traun by all means. Last weekend, they unexpectedly lost to Union Mondzi, failing to find several important pillars of the team in the starting line-up. Players from 1b, representatives of the Eastern District League, came to the train instead. asked which clubs Oedt’s actions led to their consequences in a certain way. How do you rate Union Mondsee, who collected important points in the fight against relegation with the aforementioned win, and SV Bad Ischl, who was in that position and was overtaken by ASKÖ Oedt with the best reps a week ago?

Ligaportal: Will your victory go down a certain way?

Johan Loebechler (Union Mondsee Sports Director): “We weren’t aware. We can’t influence what the opponent does. We’ve seen a lot of retirements in the past laps. Oedt now has two bans. Regular players like Nenad Vidakovic, Michael Leonhartsberger and Ivan Leovak sat on the bench at the start. They were substituted in Early and eight guys played in the second half and they were also on the field against Edelweiss. Maybe it became easier for us. But you also have to say that Oedt only created half a chance with a top lineup in the second half. So that doesn’t detract from our performance. Our performance was good. We have improved compared to previous weeks.”

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Ligaportal: Can you understand other clubs’ anger at the relegation zone? If Oedt wins against you, you’ll only have one point ahead of SV Bad Ischl…

Loibichler: “If I were in Bad Ischl, I would have bothered me too. If Oedt kept losing, there would be a certain distortion of the competition. If they consciously wanted to lose number one, they wouldn’t win very much. But I’ve heard from certain circles that Oedt will play the entire cast again against Saint Martin.

Liga portal: Are you talking about distorting competition in Bad Ischl regarding Oedt’s approach?

Johann Rottmaier (Head of Department SV Bad Ischl): “Obviously it’s very unfortunate for us. Oedt went full throttle against us. After a week they played with this squad. I already said in the group meeting that the teams playing against Oedt at the end of the season are lucky. We feel disadvantaged. But I also think that Other clubs that already had an Oedt see it that way.”

League Gate: Are you demanding consequences?

Roitmeyer: “No, we are careful. It is legally difficult. From a mathematical point of view, such an approach is not good.”