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Papa's dish vs Rize?  Who's on the next great fighting night?

Papa’s dish vs Rize? Who’s on the next great fighting night?


After the huge event at the LANXESS Arena in Cologne, the question arises – when and with whom can the second round of the Great Fight Night begin? We asked around!

The great night of fighting is over! The all-sold-out LANXESS Arena has become the setting for the biggest touching/moving spectacle of the year so far. More than 14,000 people in the stadium and nearly 500,000 people in Gwen Watch the live broadcast of the boxing event. Reason enough to consider repetition.

Unfinished business between Ammar and Reinside

fighting between Ammar And the Rewinside It was not held due to health reasons for the two Twitch stars. But in an interview with the two, they actually warned us that they would make up for the fight in the near future.

A total of three of the four originally planned battles were fought:

romathra against. flysk

Chef Strobel against. x hanky

Trimac against. MckyTV

Reinside vs. Ammar

All information about the battles can be found in detail here:

The Great Night of the Fight – This is how the big night went

Fight #1: Pappapatti vs. Rize?

also papa painting And the Rize You can imagine a fight in the ring. Although they plan to have a private match in the ring first, Babablet stated that he has already spoken to his management about hosting his own event.

I just spoke to my department, they got into a crisis when I said I might fight a fight like this too! But I can imagine that will happen at some point, yes!

Battle #2: Elotrix vs. Ban Dance?

On the site, we spoke to other TV broadcast celebrities who wouldn’t be averse to getting ready for an upcoming iteration to compete in the boxing ring themselves. For example, has eleutrex It seems already with no dance brief.

There’s no one I want to punch in the face, but Tanzi (Tanzvibot) said he’s going to celebrate

Read more:

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It remains to be seen when and where the next boxing event will take place on the German banner scene. However, it seems that we are not far from the next scene. If we receive more information about the supposed frequency, we will of course inform you!

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Image source: Reeze, Papaplatte, Elotrix