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Assassination of Sarah Everest: – Corona Canceled Memorial Service

Last week, Sarah Everest, 33, went missing on her way home from the London metropolis Brixton after meeting a friend.

A 48-year-old police officer has now been formally charged and remanded in custody for kidnapping and murdering 33-year-old Everest.

During a court hearing in London today, the policeman’s custody was extended. This is the first time a police officer has appeared in court since being arrested and charged.

In court: The abducted and murdered policeman was due to appear in court today. Photo: PA / NDP
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He did not give any explanation to the court, only confirming his name, date of birth and address at the time he spoke. According to the Press Association, a British news agency.

– She was loved

Evert worked in the field of marketing and is an alumnus of the University of Durham.

– As a student, she was loved. Vice Chancellor Stuart Carbridge said in a statement that he was a popular and lively part of the university community and was a member of a large group of friends from the university.

Friends of Evert have rallied a large number of London residents in a short period of time under the slogan “Restore These Streets”, which means “Take These Streets Back”.

Numerous memorial services were actually planned today, but these have been canceled due to coronary restrictions.

Instead, a large fundraiser has been launched in Everton’s memory. The goal is to raise 320 320,000 and over 3.7 million kroner. The organizers aim to raise £ 10,000 for each of the 32 planned memorial services that have now been canceled.

The money goes entirely to charities that promote women.

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Remains found

That was earlier this week Remains of a dead person in Kent, Southeast of London. At the same time, police went out and said they had arrested one of them on suspicion of involvement in the crime.

Yesterday, police confirmed it The remains belong to 33-year-old Evert.

The case has attracted a lot of attention in the British press, not because it is suspected of being the culprit – a police officer.

The policeman’s jail term has been extended until the weekend of March 16. He is scheduled to appear in court again on Tuesday.

Protected diplomats

The 48-year-old police officer was recruited by the London Police and began working in 2018. Until 2020, he was part of a police patrol that served in the London metropolis of Bromley.

In February 2020, he was transferred to the London Police Department of Parliamentary and Diplomatic Security. In this work, the 48-year-old was part of a security plan outside several embassies and consulates in the UK capital.

Police Chief Cressida Dick said yesterday that the arrest had also affected London police.

– has sent shock waves across the arresting population and the London Police. I speak on behalf of my colleagues at the London Police when I say that we are utterly shocked by this terrible news, Dick added:

– Our job is to patrol the streets and protect people.