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Sarah Everett Murder – Mourning Arrest During Memorial Service:

Hundreds of people violated strict coronary restrictions in London in honor of Sarah Everest. On March 3 he was reported missing. He was on his way home as a herdsman after meeting a friend in an apartment in south London.

The case has attracted a lot of attention, and British police have expressed shock and outrage that someone responsible for the murder has been arrested.

The case has also spurred a national debate on violence against women. Many women have shared their own experiences of threats and attacks on social media when they come out on a trip.

Met despite coronary restrictions

Those who started a celebration on Saturday under the slogan “Recover the Streets” had to drop plans, as a judge did not want to exempt them from strict infection control rules.

Organizers later encouraged people to donate money to organizations working for women’s rights, and asked people to light candles outside the door rather than attend big events.

Many more were found in the Clapham area near where Everest was last seen before he disappeared, after which he was pronounced dead. Among those detained was Duchess Kate, the wife of Prince Williams. Many put flowers.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Saturday that he plans to light a candle in memory of Evert with his fiance Gary Symond.

Several were taken away by police

In the evening, however, there was a confrontation between those present and the police, who tried to force the crowd to leave the place.

– Collection at Club Common is unsafe. Hundreds of people gathered to break the rules, which poses a risk to health. We encourage people to go home and thank those who leave the place, says the police in Lambert. Twitter.

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Pictures on social media show police arresting several people.

One video shows several women being arrested, while onlookers shout “You’re ashamed” and “Let them go” to the police. In the video, reports say the women were taken away in a police car and chased away BBC.

Receives criticism

He writes that the handling of the memorial by the police has drawn criticism from politicians on both sides of the political landscape. Sky News.

Signed by Labor leader Khair Stormer Twitter It is “very disturbing” to see what is happening in the club.

– Women came to mourn Sarah Everett – they should have done so in a quiet meeting, he writes.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan says police manipulation is “unacceptable”.

– The police are responsible for enforcing the Govt rules, but it is clear from the pictures that the reaction is sometimes inappropriate or proportional, Tweet They should.

Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey believes the police response is too bad, and he demands the resignation of Metropolitan Police Chief Cressida Dick, Sky News reported.

home Minister Prithi Patel He says he has asked for a “full report” from police on what happened.

Has been detained

Sandy Toxvik, a Danish TV personality, was among those who attended the memorial service online.

– There is a need for a cultural change when it comes to the vision of women and how they are treated – public and private, she said.

“I’m full of both deep sadness and anger, and I know many people share this anger, which is fully understandable,” Toxvik said, adding that the mind must be set on pursuing good causes.

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The 48-year-old police officer charged in the case will be remanded in custody and will be produced in court again on Tuesday.

The body of 33-year-old Evert was found hidden Wednesday in the southeastern Kent area of ​​London.