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Astra Space abandons rockets, leaving NASA out in the cold

Astra Space abandons rockets, leaving NASA out in the cold

After several failures, the US private space company mothballs Astra Space for him “Rockets 3” a. wishing to focus entirely on its successor, the “Rocket 4”, As reported by Space News.

Only at the end of last year, Astra got a rocket for the first time launched into orbit. Uploaded with a test payload of US Space Force. Prior to that, the company had to struggle with failures on several occasions. The Missiles explodedAnd the got off track Or it didn’t reach orbit completely. Recently, in June, 2 small satellites of NASA’s Tropical Mission Lost in a failed start. of total 7 attempts to get started Get only 2.

NASA was surprised by the move

The Astra 3 missile was evaded in its wake Publishing Its quarterly numbers announced a surprise. Especially the US space agency NASA Surprised by the move, according to Space News.

Because it only got a new contract with Astra at the end of January Closed. Several launches are planned with Rocket 3 in the next five years, with a total order volume of 300 million dollars.

Astra Space has had many failures in the past.

Change strategy due to losses

As Ars Technica reportsBehind this move, put a change in strategy. With the Rocket 4, Astra wants to offer customers lower risks at higher prices in the future. However, much to the dismay of NASA. Because the missile behind the Astra should only be 2023 Be ready to work. In addition, it is not good for transmitting satellites for the NASA Tropics mission equal.

It is not yet known who will bear the potential costs of the change. In any case, Astra has had a hard time dealing with the failures of the past few months. The space company reported one in the first half of 2022 Loss From 168 million dollars With a sales volume of only 6.5 million. Also Astra share value smash After the announcement of stopping the missile 3 in about 20 percent a.

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