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The Austrian Sustainability Reporting Award (ASRA) enters the next round

Sustainability reports can be submitted until 25 September 2022

Vienna Austrian companies and other legal entities can now apply for the Austrian Sustainability Reporting Award (ASRA), the best sustainability reporting award. Terms of participation and that Online application form she is on Site From the Chamber of Tax Advisors and Auditors. The deadline for entries is September 25, 2022, and the award ceremony is scheduled for November 29, 2022 at the Vienna University of Economics and Business canteen, subject to any existing COVID-19 safety precautions.

Sustainability reports are awarded in the following categories:

  • Initial report
    (Companies and other legal entities that first prepared the sustainability report in the relevant period)
  • non-profit organizations
  • Companies and other legal entities that prepare a sustainability report on a voluntary basis
  • Companies oriented towards the capital markets of the financial services sector that prepare a sustainability report on the basis of legal provisions
  • Companies oriented towards capital markets (excluding the financial services sector) that prepare a sustainability report on the basis of legal provisions

“Corporate and corporate social responsibility clearly comes first over pure personalities as a measure of entrepreneurial success. Therefore comprehensive, clear and transparent sustainability reporting is essential and now expected by all stakeholders,” explains Helmut Maukner, President of ASRA.

“For us, tax advisors and auditors, sustainability reporting was a topic for the future long before legislation addressed this issue. For more than 20 years, we have supported companies with our expertise and best reported their best. Today, families have “sprung up” and sustainability has become an overarching and central value of our community, and we are committed and we work for it with conviction,” says KSW President Herbert Hove.

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“To the extent that investors and other stakeholders increasingly base their decisions on sustainability reports and trust the information contained in them, the need to emphasize these sustainability reports is also growing equally. Through the ASRA, the IWP wants to support high-quality reporting and enhance confidence in Stakeholder Reporting,” said IWP President Gerhard Schwartz.

Against this background, the best reports will be awarded as references for the twenty-third time this year.

For a family: The award is presented by the Chamber of Tax Advisers and Public Accountants (KSW) together with the Institute of Austrian Public Accountants (IWP) and other cooperation partners.

Questions and contact:

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Tel. 01/811 73-0