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Astronauts shouldn't masturbate in space News

Astronauts shouldn’t masturbate in space News

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In space, no sin…

This logo should apply to NASA. A self-proclaimed engineer from the space agency recently was a guest speaker on US speaker Conan O’Brien. He runs a comedy podcast called Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend.

The recent guest, known only as Smythe and it’s not entirely clear how scientifically it really works, said: Astronauts are not allowed to masturbate in zero gravity.

When asked if he ever sent pornography to the International Space Station, Smith replied in the negative. Interpretation: Three female astronauts must be conceived by the same man. It finds its way, according to a recent guest, around the sperm flight in weightlessness.

As the New York Post reported, scientist Irina Ogneva reportedly asked male astronauts to submit sperm samples in 2019 before entering space. “But nobody wants that,” the Russian was quoted as saying.

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