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US defamation trial: Judge threatens Trump with expulsion

US defamation trial: Judge threatens Trump with expulsion

The judge in the second defamation trial against Donald Trump in New York has threatened to remove the former president from the courtroom due to numerous disturbances.

“Mr. Trump has a right to be here. “That right could be taken away if he vandalizes — and what I'm told is part of that,” Judge Lewis Kaplan said in a Manhattan courtroom yesterday, according to consistent media reports.

“And if he ignores the court's instructions – Mr. Trump, I hope I don't have to exclude you from the process, as I understand you might want to.”

Trump reportedly responded: “I would like that, I would like that,” and Judge Kaplan then said: “I know that because you cannot control yourself under the circumstances, you cannot.”

Previously, Trump repeatedly shook his head and made insulting comments during the testimony of American writer E. Jean Carroll against him. He reportedly said, for example: “This is a scam.”

Trump is the most promising Republican candidate

This is Carroll's second trial against Trump. At the end of the first case, a New York jury found that it was proven in May that Trump attacked Carroll in a luxury store in New York in 1996, sexually assaulted him and later defamed him. The jury then awarded the writer compensation in the amount of five million dollars (about 4.65 million euros).

Trump is considered the most promising candidate for Republicans in the upcoming presidential elections next November. However, he currently has to answer in court in several other cases.