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Astrophotographer succeeds in taking a picture of the sun

Astrophotographer succeeds in taking a picture of the sun

Can you identify the Earth in this image of the sun?

© Twitter / Andrew McCarthy

Californian astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy They are all ready Many just awesome Recordings I passedWhich caused quite a stir on the internet.

Now make a new one 180 megapixel photo of the sun. Like all of his photos, he took them from his backyard. For the image, he combined 100,000 individual images of the Sun.

Image ReworkedTo see details in this figure. The coloration is also artificial since the original image was recorded in grayscale.

To put our star’s absolute size into context, it also contains our size a land Later installed in the mount. However, he did not take a picture of the Earth himself, as he does back then reddit “Unfortunately I didn’t go to space to take a picture of her,” he writes.

do not try this

Meanwhile, McCarthy points out Never point a telescope at the sun If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Of course, his image was taken with a telescope, but that has been greatly modified to allow only some light waves to pass through. “My telescope and eyeballs were not damaged,” McCarthy said.

Aside from Twitter and Reddit, McCarthy can also be found on Instagram. If you want to support his work, you can also put fingerprints on his work website to buy.

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