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With in-game events against climate change

With in-game events against climate change

Ubisoft wants to raise awareness of climate change through events in the games “Riders Republic” and “Skull and Bones”. Exactly how this looks is explained in the article.

Anyone starting the multiplayer sports game “Riders Republic” in the near future will quickly notice: a fire has broken out! The surrounding forest is described in more detail to be on fire.

As a result, players will see an orange sky. In addition, the character wears a gas mask that protects against life-threatening smoke from the fire. Parts of the game world must not be accessible during this “short and intense” event.

To combat the spread of fire, players must work closely together: first, identify the most vulnerable areas using photo mode. Next, the goal is to reduce the spread of fire with the help of cooperative activities. For example, forest paths can be cleaned or aluminum foil wrapped around logs.

This in-game event aims to focus on the impact of climate change. One is the risk of wildfires, which the United Nations says will increase in the coming years. The reason for this is the increased dryness and drought that facilitates the outbreak of fire.

Overfishing is prohibited in the seas

something similar Chart for the unreleased “Skull and Bones”. In a pirate adventure, among other things, the Overfishing are ingested. This also affects climate change. Here the player will have the opportunity to take care of the protection of sea creatures. If players succeed, they unlock exclusive rewards.

By the way, Ubisoft has announced its collaboration with marine conservation organizations. This is intended to inform the players that their activities have a positive impact on the oceans. They must feel motivated to complete challenges for the benefit of humanity.

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When Skull and Bones will be available is still unknown. Rumor has it that she will this year is happening.

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Sony PlayStation launched a similar campaign a few months ago: in the first month after the release of Horizon Forbidden West, buyers can Plant trees by playing. By March 25, the Reach the Daunt Cup had to be opened for a tree to be planted in the world.

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