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At the summer cocktail party from, 4.4 million users recognized Leadersnet

At the summer cocktail party from, 4.4 million users recognized Leadersnet

| Editorial Board

| 08/27/2023

The outstanding online marketer of Russmedia celebrated the recent successes of “Das Gluckskind”. Summer ended in 1920s style.

Under the motto “Speak easy”, invites guests to the fashion bar “Das Glückskind” in Vienna’s city center at the end of August to end the summer in 1920s chic style. While easy-talk bars were once places for discreet meetings and intimate exchanges, the savvy internet marketer is taking the matter literally and putting uncomplicated, quality conversation at the forefront of a summer’s evening.

A reason to celebrate

There was also cause for celebration: current Austrian web analysis (July 2023) certifies with around 4.4 million unique users. The premium online marketing company from Russmedia Digital is “the largest non-public service provider of high-quality journalistic news platforms,” ​​according to the company.

portals Salzburg Nachrichten, Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, Russmedia Digital, Tiroler Tageszeitung or Lower Austria News and German-language media Die Zeit, Wirtschaftswoche, Handelsblatt, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung or New Zurich Times.

Technical innovation

In addition to strong coverage, this fall the premium online marketer will focus primarily on technological innovation and expanding video inventory. Tools such as the digital newsletter are being expanded upon as an accurate, eco-friendly and eco-friendly evolution of their classic print counterpart, as is AI-powered target group segmentation in collaboration with Pinpoll as an ideal path to a future cookie-free future.

“ will expand its role as a leader in innovation. The group of popular news portals in Austrian and German provides an ideal environment while ensuring brand integrity to open new horizons in digital marketing. The qualitative strength of our portfolio is the qualitative strength of our portfolio,” says Karina Windsam, Director of com/plus: “An ideal playground for campaigns that set new technological standards.”

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The event featured Thomas Schuster (Head of Sales), Lena Arts (Mediaplus), Alexandra Bauer (Media 1), Birgit Becher (Porsche Media & Creative), Mario Dick (Heinemann), Stephanie Egger (Loop New Media), Doris Voschchober (Adverserve) , Lara Gamsjager (Loop New Media), Marina Gallop (Havas Village Vienna), Linda Jasci (Essence Mediacom), Michael Graffenberger (Artworx), Tanya Grossauer (Publicis Media), Ursula Gescheider (Thor Media), Sebastian Göckelhorn (Salzburg news), Sandra Hartl (Dentsu), Katherine Herzi (Bella), Melanie Kapeler (Villant), Christoph Kellner (Media Plus), Hans Koenig (Digitalsunray Media), Irena Kroeter (Media Plus), Markus Crevan (Uni Bank Credit Austria), Narmin Mirzai (Dentsu), Anya Mitterhofer (Publicis Media), Florian Niederwimmer (Tips), Karina Planeta (Schlumberger), Michael Reiner (IPG Mediabrands), Lukas Schauberger (1000things), Fabiola Schis (Havas Village Vienna), Sandra Schnorpfel (Mediaplus), Stephanie. Schreiner (IPG Mediabrands), Joy Sendlhofer (Artworx), Marcel Stadler (Media 1), Sonja Toplak (Porsche Media & Creative), Nicole Urban (Essence Mediacom), Paul Vincent Viol (Yoc), Viktoria Zischka (ReweGroup), or Benedikt Zöchling. (yuck).

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