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Sadiq Khan re-elected Mayor of London

Sadiq Khan re-elected Mayor of London

The 53-year-old has already served two terms in office. He received 43.7 percent of the votes.

In London, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, as expected, received a third term. The Social Democratic Labor Party politician defeated his conservative rival, Susan Hall, in the local elections in the British capital, the Electoral Commission announced on Saturday. The 53-year-old candidate received 43.7 percent of the votes, while his competitor received 32.6 percent, according to what Sky News reported.

Khan was the first Muslim city leader in the capital since 2016. With his re-election, he became the first mayor to receive a third term at the helm of the city. That is why there was talk of a “historic success” in the British media. During the election campaign, the Social Democrat promised, among other things, to introduce free school meals in the future and freeze local transport fares. He wants to create 40,000 new social housing units and ensure that homeless people do not have to sleep on the streets by 2030.

The fact that Khan is extending the low emission zone, introduced for the city centre, by his predecessor Boris Johnson, to include the entire city region, has sparked criticism. Travelers and merchants in particular complained that they had to buy expensive new cars. According to polls, it has not been very popular recently. (APA/DPA)

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