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Atari: Premium PC game should come by March 31, 2022 at the latest


Atari is still considered a cult brand in 2021 and is not very popular among the rednecks. Many people who grew up in the ’80s or early ’90s associate many memories with the company. But the classic ping-pong is still supposed to contribute to Atari’s prestige even today.

In addition, a cult was developed around the game ET the Extra-Terrestrial – although this was not due to the success of the title. The licensing game was a complete failure, and so more than three million unsold copies ended up in a landfill. Over the years, the story became a legend and that included filmmakers Jonathan Chen and Mike Burns, among others, searching for the cartridges.

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In the meantime, not much glint left over the past few days. Although someone tried with VCS Controller Especially for retrogamers. However, the numerous postponements to the publication date ensured that the application was kept within limits. However, Atari intends to make players’ hearts beat again and deliver premium games for PC and consoles of the future. The first title should be published by March 31 of next year at the latest. It is not yet known which game it will be.

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Atari primarily wants to rebrand and bid farewell to free titles as much as possible. Only games that have already succeeded will continue. These include Roller Coaster Tycoon Stories as well as castles, crystal castles and catapults. But also Ninja Golf and Atari Combat: Tank Fury is one of the successful free games from Atari that will continue to exist in the future.