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Apple improves Maps app in Austria

Apple improves Maps app in Austria

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At WWDC, Apple announced that it will expand the “Look Around” feature in Apple Maps. In the next few days, Apple will start collecting its own data for Austria in order to improve the app there as well.

According to the Austrian daily newspaper, “Standard” On July 5th, Apple begins capturing the streets of Austria with its own equipment. Here, however, the group will initially focus only on expanding the service for motorists. It is still unclear when more information will follow for users on foot. In addition, work on the project will continue until December.

Not only should the recordings improve the Monitoring feature, but the map quality should also improve. This also results in an improvement in other features.

Apple respects privacy

As usual with Google Maps, Apple will also make the faces of passersby unrecognized in the recordings. However, if they still do not agree to make it public, it can be easily removed from the data material.

In addition, Apple cars will be clearly marked. The Group is not expected to encounter difficulties with data protection authorities. Because Google has already established an acceptable procedure here in the past, other companies have followed suit.

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